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Nigeria is projected to produce the world’s largest population increase, reaching 300 million people by 2050. This scale and pace of growth will place unprecedented demand on an energy infrastructure that is already under pressure. We aim to balance the demands of today with the need for a sustainable energy future.

As the Nigerian labour market grows, skills development and job opportunities will be critical to meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our role is to support the economy and create robust infrastructure as Nigeria develops. Gas can fuel Nigeria’s industrial growth today and enable a transition to more renewable energy sources as capacity increases to meet demand.

In addition to the 461MW Azura Edo IPP, we are currently developing the Edo phase 2 combined cycle expansion which will add a further 275 MW.

Azura-Nova is our 125MW solar power plant, currently under development on a 200 hectare site in Katsina State, Nigeria.

We are also developing more than 200MW of C&I opportunities in Nigeria.

Azura-Edo IPP - Nigeria

The Azura-Edo IPP is a 461MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine power station and is our first gas project. The 1,500MW IPP was developed near Benin City in Edo State, Nigeria and reached completion a full eight months ahead of schedule in May 2018. Azuro-Edo is a prime example of our effective collaboration with the federal and state government, local communities and the private sector. Through these partnerships, we have established the basis for future investment in power generation in Nigeria.

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Senegal’s government developed the Plan Senegal Emergent to establish the country as an emerging economy by 2025. The power sector is one of the key components of the plan and prioritises lowering the cost of generation by reducing dependence on imported fuel and developing its offshore natural gas resources.

The Tobene plant is one of the most efficient power stations in Senegal and we plan to convert it to gas fired operation as soon as gas becomes available.

We are working on the gas conversion project at Tobene, as well as other development opportunities.

Tobene IPP - Senegal

Our flagship project in Senegal is the 116MW Tobene Power project, which accounts close to 10% of the country’s electricity generation and is designed to enable the country’s electrification and development agenda, outlined in the Plan Senegal Emergent. Tobene Power, originally developed by Melec PowerGen Inc, began operations in 2016. Three years later, the plant became part of Azura Power’s pan-African base-load power generation platform through a joint investment by Actis and Africa50. Our successful partnership with the Senegalese government is proof of our commitment to the IPP-led approach to increased generation capacity and testament to Senegal’s strong governance and institutional capacity.

We are also introducing new models of investment. Azura Power has successfully closed the first private investment in Senegal’s energy sector, a robust demonstration of investor confidence in the sector. Looking ahead, we plan to acquire additional power plants with a combined generating capacity of 187MW.

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We are committed to supporting the National Energy for All Programme and partnering with the Government to advance its development vision. Mozambique has the highest power generation potential in Southern Africa. Currently, around 80% of Mozambique’s power capacity is accounted for by hydropower sources (source: USAID), but natural gas and renewable energy continue to occupy a growing share of the country’s energy mix.

Azura is working with a local developer on the development of multiple greenfield projects in Mozambique, including a 200MW (1st phase) combined-cycle gas-fired power project in Nacala and a 100MW gas IPP in Chokwe. The scale of the project will make a significant contribution to the country’s demand for cost-effective and reliable energy. It will establish the first natural gas infrastructure in the region and help to attract further inward investment. We see the project as a builder of both economic and social capital – creating sustainable value for the Mozambican government, local communities and the industry.  We also have acquisition and expansion projects totalling 62MW

CTRG – Mozambique

The 175MW gas fired CTRG project in Mozambique began generating power in 2015, fuelled by gas from the Pande and Temane onshore fields, delivered via the ROMPCO pipeline. CTRG is one of the key suppliers of power to the capital city of Maputo.

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